16 More Workout Tracks To Help You Get Pumped Up At The Gym

Summer's almost here, our new workout playlist will keep you pumped at the gym or on the run

Summer is all but here, which means your summer-bod will be unveiled in next to no time. No one wants to be that awkward person who doesn't take their shirt off at the beach, just as much as anyone would loathe to be the super out-of-shape person among a sexy group of friends. What's the answer? Head to the gym, with some quality workout-tunes already in queue.

Actually motivating yourself to go for a run, lift weights, or do a fitness class can be the hardest struggle in life, but all you really need is some musical inspiration. For before, during, and even after, all of these songs will get you in the mood to move your body and get a 'lil fit.

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Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

Perhaps the greatest pump-up song ever made, a feeling of intense "I can do anything" euphoria washes over anyone once Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" comes on. Just picture yourself as Rocky and let the song do the rest.


Let's Get Physical - Olivia Newton-John

In the same vein as "Push It," Olivia Newton-John's "Let's Get Physical" probably isn't talking about going to the gym (I don't trust the music video for a second) even though the song works perfectly in a workout setting. Pop it on, and get physical.


Push It - Salt-N-Pepa

A simplistic but high-energy beat, the nostalgia of the 80's, and a simple command to keep pushing it. Salt-N-Pepa probably weren't thinking "gym" when they created "Push It" but my god does the song work oh-so-well for weightlifting.


Bubble, Pop, Electric - Gwen Stefan

During an intense workout, you can get into this loopy head-space where you're not really thinking anymore, you're just doing. Gwen Stefani's "Bubble, Pop, Electric" perfectly reflects that gym mindest. Nearly nonsensical (not to mention hyper-sexualized) lyrics are joined with an insanely catchy beat to overpower any stray thought, letting you stay entirely focused on your workout.


Journey - Don't Stop Believin'

There are two potential possibilities when you hear "Don't Stop Believin'" at the gym. Either you are magically inspired by the Journey tune and it gives you the motivation to not stop believing in yourself, or you get so annoyed because you've heard it a trillion times that your anger results in you pushing your physical limits. Either way, it works.


Korn - Twisted Transistor

As Korn progressed as a band, their musical style got a little more poppy. More hardcore fans didn't like Korn's mainstream-evolution, but for the gym-goer, Korn's mid-2000s tunes are great for getting you going. "Twisted Transistor" is easily one of the more catchy and gym-friendly Korn songs, though the entire Untouchables album is perfectly suited for the gym, excluding some of the language used.


Europe - The Final Countdown

Epic is kind of the only way to describe "The Final Countdown," and even though Arrested Development turned the song into a bit of a joke, nothing is more serious than when this Europe track plays near the end of a workout. It's just too energetic and apropos not to pump you up.


Take You On - Peaches

Any physical activity involving punching, kicking, or just an oppenent will be made so much more intense once "Take You On" comes on. The mighty Peaches will give you the confidence you need to take down whoever might be unlucky enough to take you on (get it?) when this song is playing.


Another One Bites the Dust - Queen

You've been neck and neck on the running track with this punk for the last 200 metres, then bam, Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" comes and you dig deep to not let the late Freddie Mercury down. You can also use the memory of the deceased rocker's tight pants to motivate you to keep running a bit longer, so you can be just as trim.


Electric Feel - MGMT

Let's face it, you're at the gym so you can look sexy. Physical health be damned, we all just want to have incredibly bang-able bods, and a listen to "Electric Feel" will remind you of your rather vain goal while at the gym. Motivation can come in many forms.


Solid Gold - Eagles of Death Metal

Very few songs straight up tell you to "work it out" and "sweat." These commands come straight at your ears during the Eagles of Death Metal's "Solid Gold," and even though the song itself is a little light for an intense gym session, the jovial guitar strumming would be great for an aerobics workout.


Pound The Alarm - Nicki Minaj

An intense cardio workout pretty much demands some catchy and high-energy pop tunes, and very few do the trick as well as Nick Minaj's "Pound The Alarm." When the eponymous moment of the song happens, so when the alarm is pounded, you can't help but get a boost of energy.


Outer Space - Yelawolf

Despite the rather long into of some guy getting abducted by aliens, the starting track to Yelawolf's second album Love Story is a true pump-up jam. Not only is there a fast tempo and electronic beats to keep you going, but the whole song is about not giving any f*cks and just doing your thing, which is exactly how you should feel when you're at the gym. Ignore those bros lifting, you do you.


Kick It Out - Heart

There's so much positive reinforcement for physical activity in "Kick It Out," even the laziest among us will feel inspired to move 'n groove it to the gym after a listen. Because when the Wilson sisters tell you to "kick out you motor and drive, while you're still alive" you pay heed. You don't want to be lazy and die, do you?


Do The Dark - Blondie

A somewhat lesser-known Blondie track, "Do The Dark" is the ideal song for a run outside, just make sure it's not on grass or in a field. That way, when Debbie Harry tells you to do the "sidewalk hustle" you can take it as workout-reinforcement.


Enter Sandman - Metallica

So much dark energy is imbued into the heavy riffs and sounds of "Enter Sandman" that you'll instantly get into a "I want to beat the snot out of everything around me" kind of mindset. Hopefully you'll translate that primal urge into upping your speed on the treadmill or busting out a few more sets, rather than punch out some random gym-goer while screaming "you won't get me Sandman!"

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